Radical strategy shift?
Evolutionary re-modelling? Imperative – get your staff and organisation on board!

Managing transformation. What does that really mean? New business models are established. Processes, markets and companies integrated. Resources, cash and logistics performed.

Managing change? Accompanying change, identifying stakeholders. Communicate reasons so that both sides are on the road to success. For a successful orientation in the future. To re-create the company. Pro-actively steer change. Manage the transformation and change. Targeted, success-oriented and coordinated.


We will support you!

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added value
with abide 

  • minimised risks for the company through extensive experience in corporate restructuring
  • secure migration into the new corporate world via frictionless business processes and thought out business process transformation
  • clear communication and best possible buy-in of all involved parties for change through valued Change Management
  • autonomous behaviour of management and key players regarding the corporate strategy using dedicated employee empowerment
  • take safe action through executive coaching on equal footing

Corporate Restructuring


Increase value.
Decrease risk.

You need to create a new organisation? You need to be even more effective in the future? Without the risk entailed in a complex post-merger integration?

A merger or de-merger offers the opportunity of creating a new organisation. Diverging business models, processes, legal requirements or incompatible IT systems can delay processes. Planned synergies could be affected. We take into consideration the inconspicuous variables.

Let us harmonise and optimise your processes! Merge and structure existing organisations optimally. We can implement new business models for you and reliably manage your corporate restructuring.


Your benefits

  • Security whilst setting-up the new organisation. Increasing value and minimising risks from the transaction right through to information.support during transformation and integration phases
  • implementation and roll-out of new business model
  • support during innovation process (e.g. design thinking)
  • coordination of new and adaptation of existing processes
  • transfer to shared service centre
  • harmonisation of reporting processes and organisation.

Business Process


Transformation, migration.
No risk. That’s a must.

Merge, split, fusion, carve-out, ERP system change? Planned data migration? And even then – secure and efficient running of the company.

Wherever resources are missing, where migration risks are obvious, ongoing operations crucial – that is where we can be found. Migration should not be a hindrance.

Foreseeable costs and quick results are our expectations. Our know-how and clear process knowledge are your advantage. Migration projects don’t have to be developed from scratch. Time and cost pressure can be avoided.

The abide phase model for migration enables you to see an understandable and structured approach for your IT and every involved specialist department. We are your project manager, module expert and test manager. We rely on a healthy foundation – a successful start and analysis phase. We concentrate on the particularities which every migration entails. We count on our tried and proven tools. And so can you!


Your advantages

By using the abide phase model your costs during the project will be reduced. Migrations will become calculable projects. In terms of costs and personnel. From the first migration on. A structured and well-timed phase plan becomes the measurable point of the implementation. Tests are clearly defined according to competence in technology and application. Clarity in planning allows for frictionless processes and can secure a successful migration kept within budget. Within an ongoing operation!


Your benefits

  • analysis of your SAP® system within the shortest possible time using tools such as SNP system scanpresentation of your database as a joint starting point for the migration
  • utilise migration tools such as SNP transformation backbone
  • professional support through our SAP® and SNP-certified consultants
  • peace of mind due to decreased system failure times
  • minimised access times during late downloading and data storage
  • planning and transfer of hazardous objects in finance, controlling and logistics taking into consideration the legalities of the migration
  • adherence to delivery dates and individual resource planning with involved parties
  • validation
  • development of specialised migration programmes.


Change Management


Better together.

A radical market-related strategy change? An evolutionary re-modelling of the company? Or a re-organisation post fusion? Putting it simply: change processes are put into motion.

Change Management as pro-active planning and management of change is a decisive competency. Above all, it is about gaining acceptance – with sponsors, staff and customers.


Your benefits

  • transparency regarding the amount and reasons for change
  • best possible peace of mind for stakeholders during the change process
  • supportive, customer-oriented communication with internal and external stakeholders
  • pooling of competencies and strengths within the organisation with the aim of hitting targets
  • recognition and utilisation of opportunities which arise due to change.

Employee Empowerment


Recognise potential.
Get commitment.
Take the lead.

Implement future strategies? Adapt processes and IT? Re-align teams? Typical challenges for management and staff...

It’s about recognising strengths, maintaining performance and using available space. The most important factors are the development of personality and competency, the successful handling of complexity and the ability to make decisions in various situations. These are our common goals!

abide has experienced consultants and coaches. Anchored to business, familiar with personnel development. Pros, who value and appreciate. With your needs in mind, but at a healthy distance.

We accompany you in management and staff development - in roles crucial for the future of your company. Success means, in the long run – change.


Your benefits

  • support during concept and implementation of role-specific developmental programmes (technical, methodical and personal development)
  • targeted workshops for management and teams
  • support in both single and team coaching.

Executive Coaching


Keeping in mind
the strategic focus
with a view to operational design.
Wanted: Partner on an equal footing.

The strategic design of the company is decisive? Company goals have been communicated? Success or failure – depends on you.
The implementation of the strategy is crucial within one’s own area of responsibility. With innovation and flexibility.
Your support: neutral experts and coaches with vision. We ask the right questions and use suitable methods. Challenge you and your team.
The result: identification of business areas crucial for success.
abide coaches are at your side. We bring along our own longstanding management experience as well as know-how gleaned from numerous strategy processes and sound coaching practice. And simply as a person who understands you, your organisation and team. Allowing strategy to become reality.


Your benefits

  • act with peace of mind
  • safe space for reflection
  • discussion on an equal footing and without dependence
  • developing your organisation.